Completed Homes

155 Slim Dr., West Shore. New construction by Chris Meyers. We painted the interior and exterior.255 Lake Almanor West Dr., West Shore. We have cleaned and re-stained this huge lakefront home twice over the years with Cabot's Clear solution.325 Manzanita, West Shore. Complete exterior painting.
528 Peninsula Dr. LACC. New construction. This was a huge project that took almost 3 months during the winter. We painted everything, including all the cabinetry which took 3 weeks by themselves.624 E. Burnt Cedar LACC. Cleaned and finished with one coat Sikken's SRD.The Kears, 625 Clifford Dr., LACC. Complete exterior painting.
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Peel Bond Success

Before. This 100 year old house owned by the Elmer's family is located at 190 Bridge St. in east Chester. It was a major undertaking as the results speak for themselves.This job was completed in the fall of 2006 and still looks prefect. We came back the following spring and power-washed all the loose paint off the metal roof, primed the roof with 1 heavy coat of Peel Bond and used Kelly-Moore's 1245 low sheen finish as tBefore
Like new.BeforeA beauty.



Caulking all the seams makes all the difference in the world especially with light colors.Caulking makes a huge difference.Before.
After.Before. Sloppy and careless.After. Perfectly sharp and clean.


Stained Homes

1403 Lassen View, LACC. This 5000 square foot masterpiece was cleaned and finished with one coat of Sikken's SRD.1403 Lassen View 2.624 E. Burnt Cedar LACC. Cleaned and finished with one coat Sikken's SRD.
The Carbones, 215 Lake Almanor West Dr. This 7000 square home was built by Chris Meyers Construction. We used 14 different colors on the interior.The exterior siding is finished with Cabot's semi-transparent oil base stain.163 Peninsula Dr. This house was finished with an acrylic stain from Lifeline. We have found that the newer acrylic stains hold up better and don't attract the dark or black mold like the oil base stains do.620 E. Burnt Cedar, LACC. We finished with 3 coats of Sikken's SRD.



Deck re-finishing begins with alot of sanding and sanding and sanding.After sanding.After staining.
Power floor sanding.Ready for staining.Rolling and back brushing 4 to 6 boards at a time allows us to work the stain into the wood and wipe up or brush out any excessive stain.


Cleaning Before Staining

127 Kokanee, West Shore. Chemical cleaning. Please note the black mold by the stairs.Our cleaning process is the most important factor in preparation to re-stain.Applying our cleaning solution. You can clearly see the old stain bleeding down the garage door.Applying the cleaning solution.
Old stain bleeding down the windows.The old stain.Our solution will not harm the glass our your flowers.


Fully Equiped

Fully Equipped.Fully Equipped.More tools and equipment.
On the ladder.



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