Interrior Painting

Interior Painting


We take the following measures to ensure the outcome meets our highest standards, as well as yours.


• Provide consultation on type and color of paint or stain.


• Move all furniture and cover with plastic wrap or drop clothes as necessary. We recommend the removal of breakable, fragile and collectible items from areas that will be painted.


• Remove all switch plate covers and window coverings as necessary.


• Mask and cover flooring.


• Dust, wash, sand and prime where necessary; generally any surface with a sheen will be sanded and washed with TSP to assure adhesion.


• Caulk around windows, door casings, baseboards and other areas as necessary.


• Remove unwanted nails, hangers, hooks and brackets. Repair holes and spot prime as needed, paying special attention to water stains.


• Apply primer coats.


• Apply two finish coats.


• Replace switch plate covers, window coverings and any other hardware removed prior to painting.


• Replace furniture.


• Clean up job site and label all touch up paint for customer.


• Walk through with customer for final inspection.