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Welcome to Mike Orloff Painting

Mike Orloff Painting is a full service painting company serving the Lake Almanor basin and Plumas County. We’re a State-licensed painting contractor, fully insured and bonded carrying workers compensation for all its employees. Over the years we’ve developed a reputation of taking on the roughest and toughest jobs – sanding and grinding peeling paint or chemically cleaning stained homes and decks.

About Our Painting Service

Our painting services include interior and exterior painting and staining of residential and commercial buildings (including new construction), deck re-finishing and power washing.

Living in a 4-season climate demands that we know what it takes to ensure a paint finish withstands the elements. We subscribe to the old school of painting where the foundation of a great result is in the preparation. We take precise and tedious measures in preparing all surfaces for a great look that will last for years.

A pair of browns
A nice Bass.
The catch during a winter's day.
A nice string.
A pair of keepers.
Hanging on a string.
Beautiful Rainbow!
A nice Brown!
Night fishing!
It may be cold, but I'm happy.
Hang them up.
Fishing in Alaska.
Fishing with my dad in Alaska.
My nephew then.
My Nephew, now. LT Ben Orloff,
US Naval Test Pilot. Furthest away.