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I will personally inspect each proposed job and prepare an estimate. It is not necessary for you to be at the site for the initial inspection. I have done dozens and dozens of estimates over the phone or via email with no complications at all. Each estimate details every aspect of the proposed job including color charts, samples or pictures. Each estimate is easy to understand. Any additional cost unforeseen during the initial estimate will be explained, discussed, and a written and signed cost adjustment will be executed.

Since we have a limited painting season, I encourage customers to respond as soon as possible. To be fair to all potential customers, jobs are scheduled on a first come first served basis.

A pair of browns
A nice Bass.
The catch during a winter's day.
A nice string.
A pair of keepers.
Hanging on a string.
Beautiful Rainbow!
A nice Brown!
Night fishing!
It may be cold, but I'm happy.
Hang them up.
Fishing in Alaska.
Fishing with my dad in Alaska.
My nephew then.
My Nephew, now. LT Ben Orloff,
US Naval Test Pilot. Furthest away.
2001, Walking right across my road.
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Always ready.
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