Free Estimates

Before you make the call, here are a few things to consider:

1. What do you want painted or stained?

2. Is your decking to be included?

3. Are there out buildings to be painted?

4. Fencing?

5. Metal structures?

6. What colors and sheen levels do you want?

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I personally inspect each job and prepare every estimate myself. Since a lot of you live out of the area, you don’t need to be here for the initial estimate. I have done dozens and dozens of estimates over the phone or via email with no complications at all. Each comprehensive estimate details every aspect of the proposed job including color charts, samples, or pictures. Each estimate is simple and easy to understand. No hidden additional costs. Any additional cost unforeseen during the initial estimate will be explained, discussed and a written, and signed cost adjustment will be executed.

Since we have a limited exterior painting season, I encourage customers to inquire as  the snow melts. To be fair to all potential customers, I schedule jobs on a first come first served basis.